How Would Your World Change if Your Associates Loved Their Jobs?
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Do You Have These Symptoms That Your Associates Hate, Dislike, or Don't Care About Thier Jobs?
Expense Symptoms
  • Employee Shrink: Employee theft/internal = 30 percent (NRF 2017)
  •  Absenteeism: $3,600/yr Average Per Hourly Worker (Forbes 2017)
  • Turnover: $3,328 Per Associate Hired on Average (CAP 2012)
  •  Apathy: It's Not Just Millennials, it's Gen X too (Panopto 2017)
Revenue Symptoms
  • Unhappy Customers: Customer Satisfaction Impact on Success  (Forbes 2017)
  •  Declining Traffic: While slowing, Traffic Continues Down (Retail TouchPoints 2017)
  • Declining Margin: Lower Traffic Leads to Lower Margins Too (US News 2017)
Or Maybe It Just Looks Like This...
Unhappy Customers
Bad Shopping Experiences
Leading to lower foot traffic -- the BIG domino that starts everything else crumbling.
Poor Execution
Poor Retail Execution.
Leading to lower conversions and basket size.
Lagging Sales
Poor Sales Performance.
Leading to lower margin.
What if There Were A Way To Make EVERY Associate LOVE THEIR JOB?
What if They Were Happier? More motivated? Better skilled? Self-Accountable. And wanting to stay put in your store?

And What if That Resulted In:
Expense Reductions
  • Far Less Shrink
  •  Far Less Absenteeism
  •  Far Less Turnover
  •  The Eradication of Apathy
Revenue Increase
  • Happy Customers
  •  Increasing Traffic
  • Increasing Margin
And That Ended Up Looking Like This...
Perfect Customer Outcomes
  • Customer Advocacy: Get your customers to become your marketers.
  •  Customer Conversions: Get more retail visitors to become retail customers.
  • Customer Acquisitions: Establish long term relationships with new customers.
  •  Increasing Traffic
  •  Repeat Visits
  •  Word of Mouth Advertising
  •  General Customer Fandom
Perfect Shelf Execution
  • Perfect Last Mile Delivery: Make sure your assortments are relevant, and available
  • Perfect Moments of Truth: Have the right cross merchandised products for maximum basket
  • Perfect Execution: Ensure that you maintain a perfect selling environment
  •  Perfect Stores
  •  Perfect Shelves
  •  Perfect Sales 
  •  Perfect Service
Perfect Sales Execution
  • Perfectly Executed Sales Interactions: Fully solve customer problems with add-on, high-margined products.
  • 2nd, 3rd, and 4th Sales: Don't stop at the 2nd sale.
  • Up-sales: Help shoppers trade up, not down.
  •  Cross-Sales: Make add-on's helpful, and natural.
  •  Perfectly Executed Service Interactions
  •  Higher Net Promoter Scores
  •  Returns Converted to Exchanges
And What if There Were a WAY That Could TRANSFORM Your ENTIRE STORES TEAM So That They Would LOVE Their Jobs?
THERE IS: Welcome to the Retail Warriors Way
CUSTOMER Experience: Solved
  • Create a Culture of Accountability: By changing experiences, and beliefs.
  • Eradicate Ignorance: Train every day for success.
  • Eradicate Apathy: Demonstrate 360 degree accountability.
  •  Reverse Engineer Strategies for Traffic
  •  Gameify Actions Necessary to Achieve Results
RESULT: Associates & Store Managers Begin Taking Correct Actions Consistently, Resulting in Increasing Foot Traffic.
STORE & SHELF Execution: Solved
  • Gain Visibility of Every Store/Shelf: Real time input to critical decisions.
  • Gain Clarity of Communication of Tasks: Laser focus payroll budget for maximum results.
  • Balance Headquarters Tasks With In-Store Sales and Operational Labor Resources: Maintain optional Shopper to Associate Ratio (STAR)
  •  Fully Automate Task Assignment, Reporting & Accountability
RESULT: Associates & Store Managers Begin Executing Correct Actions Consistently, Resulting in Increasing Basket.
Sales: Solved
  • Ensure Every Associate is Fully Trained In Sales: To delight customers while driving maximum margin.
  • Ensure Every Associate is Fully Trained in Service: To delight every customer, even if not initially.
  • Ensure Performance with Mystery Shops: Always be testing, and refocusing training.
  •  Fully Automate Cloud-Based, Drip-Video Training, Testing, & Certification
RESULT:  Associates & Store Managers Sell Correctly & Consistently, Resulting in Margin.
Watch Our Training...
  • Results: Our gamefied systems put your results front and center. The Retail Warrior's Way starts by getting clear on current metrics, and provides extreme focus of a path to improve them, while monitoring them every week.
  • Accountability: Any business system is worthless unless you do the work. When we've analyzed past ESP customer failures, it is always because they didn't actually do the work, employ the tools correctly, and hold themselves accountable. What's different about ESP? We partner with your leadership team and form a cohesive bond. We hold you accountable to the work. You hold us accountable to the results.
  • Clarity: You will, at all times, have complete clarity -- daily -- of the results we deliver. You will never wonder if our Retail Greatness Platform is working, or providing the results you seek.
  •  A Step-by-Step Solution, With World Class Support, backed with Performance & Mindset Coaching: Learn about this 3-phased approach, which we call the "Triangle of Transformation" by watching our training by clicking the button below.
Karen R.
"ESP allowed management to have much higher visibility at the store level, eliminated the cost of paper mailings, and drastically reduced the length of time it took to get store level data -- from days or weeks -- down to same-day. "
Dan N.
"ESP Has Created the Ultimate Sales Tool for Our Retail Sales Team. Their team is always available to answer questions or provide additional training to our sales management team."
Joe E.
"ESP provides store-level visibility and control and the ability to request and implement instant changes. It allows us to monitor the actions necessary to drive sales -- in real time. Since ESP, Training has become a primary focus for us. I feel like I have complete control over what goes on in stores."
Results We Deliver
Common Results DOUBLE your gross profit each month by Implementing a strategy we call the Rule of 20's. Increase your traffic, conversions, basket, and margin by 20% and DOUBLE Your Gross Profit every month!

ESP Provides Custom-Tailored Solutions to Brick & Mortar Retailers Who Are Ready for TRANSFORMATIONAL Change. Therefore, We Only On-Board a LIMITED number at a Time. 

If YOU Want THESE Results for YOUR Retail Company You Must Act Now.
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